Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Peecock. Pee, pack and play.

So as promised I have started a review on the Peecock. I got (I believe to be) the 4 inch Tripple Features Peecock".

Now, to be completely honest, $129 for just the unit I was expecting so much more. Upon its arrival I found myself to be disappointed by the look of it simply because the length of the 'funnel' seemed to be quite short. This is due to the size of the testicles since the funnel needs the testicles for length. the funnel is actually shorter than that of the $12 Go Girl. Also, not sure if it was just me (or the fact that mine was a sample to be reviewed) but the way the silicone around the funnel was cut was a bit miss-shapen. I just would have expected a better quality for the price.
So this was my first impression.

The kit I got came with the Peecock as well as a velvety black bag to store it in. It also came with the Peecock Erection Rod System (which can be bought separately for $19) and the Peecock comfort harness (which can be purchased separately for $23, though it is currently on sale for $19).

When I pulled the harness out I went ahead and read the directions which say..

1. Wear the harness around your waist and adjust the waist band so that it rides on your hips.

2. Slide the Pee-Cock shaft through the cock ring. The Pee-Cock should hang naturally like a bio man flaccid penis at your groin position. The elastic band at the back should have a little allowance and not be stretched to the max. If the waist band is too large you can remove some of the elastic band by simply cutting the excess at either side of the sewing and then sew the cut end back to the cotton tape again.

3. Pull the elastic bands back through your legs and up to the waist elastic band, either in back or off toward the sides, wherever they feel most comfortable. You can sew them to the waist band by hand or machine."

I am pretty sure that most guys I know would get a little annoyed with the language of these instructions.

Basically this is the exact same harness that can be found on the Mango website though their price is way way higher. Basically this harness is super easy to adjust to your size. It only took a few hand stitches and it fit me pretty well. I am not usually one that likes to wear a harness under my under-roos but I wanted to make sure I tested this product as it was intended.

Please keep in mind that this harness is not intended for use during play. Nor will it work if you even try.

For packing it worked out like anyone of my other Soft packs especially since I did end up getting the smaller version of the Peecock. It was comfortable and I have no bad things to say about it.

So, I put it to the test as an STP. I wanted to be smart about it so I tried it the first time with my pants off in case of any dribble. I am kind of glad that I did. Since the silicone is pretty soft it is a bit tough to figure out where the back if the funnel is located or if it is bent. As suspected upon opening the box when I received it I quickly found out that since the testicles are pretty short, which makes the funnel pretty short, you really have to adjust the harness so the front sits almost under your mons pubis. This can only really be done while using the restroom since wearing the harness that low while simply packing is not very comfortable. The first time I used this it seemed that I was pretty much peeing backwards. Made me kind of wish I were standing in between two toilets. (ha.)
The next time I decided to use it was in the shower a bit after this incident. I did not wear the harness in the shower with me.
--I found out one of my buddies has this unit as well, his is bigger but the testicles and funnel are the same size unfortunately.--
I figured out two ways of efficiently using this STP so that it would not dribble. 1) reach your hand around to your back side and pull the back of the funnel. This is an extremely unethical way of using it while standing at a urinal fully clothed next to someone you are trying to be discreet next to. 2) If you position your index finger to the left side of the packys shaft and your middle finger to the right of it (assuming your fingers are long enough to understand where on your body this is) you'll want to push down just a bit to make sure the funnel is touching where you 'taint' would be at this point. Since my dominant hand is my right one I did this with my right hand while using my left to 'control' the situation. (yes fellas, this is a two handed job) I also noticed that I had to spread my legs a bit more far apart than most cisgendered guys I have seen use the restroom. In my opinion this is not noticed by other guys but more something I let myself be insecure about.
Please note that I realize everyones body is different as well as their individual anatomy. This method worked for me though you might find a method that works for you a bit better.

The next time I used it I dove right in taking it to my local watering hole, which is a place where I really have no choice but to stand to pee as there are no closed urinals except for the womens restroom. After practicing at home a few times I wasn't too worried about it.
After about 24oz of liquid later I rushed to the bathroom. I didn't have too many problems besides the back of my pants falling a bit too low trying to position the thing. It made me a bit insecure with the harness plainly visible so I went to the doorless stall. I had no issues with leakage but I did try my best to control any potential backflow. Since there is a funnel and not a small tube the backflow is minimal. I suggest that if you have an issue controlling your own flow, that you do not use this unit but probably sick with something like a P Style.

Since I really don't like extra fabric under all my clothing I decided to try it with one of my Pete Packers from Spareparts, specifically the trunks. I was worried about the hole in the trunks where the shaft goes through. I thought it might squeeze the shaft too much disrupting the flow but when I went to go test them I realized that wasn't an issue at all. The issue was the fact that the fabric that lays over the back of the packer needed to not be there. I am sure that if I went to go use it as an STP I could probably take some practice to perfect it but the few times I tried it was just a bit too difficult.
Luckily all four styles of the Pete packing underwear are made to were you can actually wear the back pouch tucked over. I personally wouldn't walk around like that only because I don't enjoy that feeling of silicone constantly on me. The possibility of the packy getting sticky is not something I look forward.

Did this really hold up as an affordable pack, pee and play device?

I will say this, It does what it says it will do....

The first issue is the harness. Seeing as I did not get the Comfort Play Harness by Peecock I had to come up with my own method of madness, so to speak. It didn't take too long as I just pulled out my Spareparts" harness. It definitely doesn't fit like any of my usual Vixskin cocks but it worked. The only issue was the length, lucky my partner doesn't have an issue with this. However, this harness does take a bit of length off the of the actual unit.
I slid a condom on as I do with every one of my toys. As expected it was loose but that wasn't the problem I ran into. The biggest issue I had with thing was the Peecock Erection Rod System. Since you have to cut the tip down to get it to fit your custom unit, mine was blunt at the end. I was hoping maybe the silicone from the toy wouldn't stretch enough to expose it but I was wrong. It has a great potential to scrape against the sensitive areas.
If I can get my hands on one, I will go ahead and try the play harness that Peecock Carries.
So what I meant by "It does what it says it will do" I meant that it can be used as a pack and play... as long as you don't make any sudden moves or vigorous thrusts.

I feel like this might be a great item if you are planning on having a spontaneous night out. (ha to that statement)

Honestly, there are many reasons why I would say that the Peecock isn't worth the price and then many reasons why I would say that it was completely worth the price. There are so many prosthetics out there worth thousands of dollars that generally do the exact same thing but slightly more detailed... slightly more precise. I think the idea is great but will unfortunately never be what I would necessarily like it to be.. but I am speaking for me and no one else.

I would like to mention, I reviewed this for about a week so I can't give you long term details. I will do my best to update when I can.