Monday, May 23, 2011

lifesaving packing underwear

Wow, I didn't think I'd actually have a reason to post another packing product before some kind of toy but I had the honor and the pleasure of working with the owner of Spareparts in attempts to help come up with a great new packing product. When I found out they were looking to create something outside of their signature harness I got nothing less than excited.
I now introduce to you, the Pete Packer trunk underwear and let me tell you, this far surpasses ANY packing harness or underwear that I have ever purchased or even made myself.

They happen to fit exactly the way my favorite underwear fit. I usually wear the boxer briefs from H&M because they are snug and almost feel like I am not wearing anything.

Here is what Babeland has to say about them.
"Your search for the perfect packing underwear has ended: meet the Pete Packer UnderWear Trunks! SpareParts, one of our favorite harness companies, has created a comfortable, full-coverage, boxer-brief style of underwear (also available in commando, freestyle, and briefs styles), designed for use with most sizes and brands of soft packs and STP (stand to pee) packers. The pouch and internal supporting elastic band ensure that your packer will be secure in restrooms, and won't dislodge when you put on or take off your briefs. The Trunks style allows you to expose the shaft, or hide it in the fabric pouch; the machine-washable, lightweight polyester/Spandex material creates a seamless look under clothing. Perfect for transgender and transsexual men, and for anyone looking to feel comfortable and secure in their packing adventures. Discount when purchasing a three-pack. Available in S-XL; call customer service to special order XXL or XXXL"

After trying the finished product myself I suddenly realized what I had been missing out on. I finally felt more than comfortable packing. I haven't packed in a while because I always felt like it just looked so fake, regardless of the style of packer I was using, but these trunks with my trustie mini soft pack is amazingly comfortable. Best part is, these underwear are COMPLETELY compatible with an STP device. Getting into that, I usually don't use and STP like the Mango STP only because the back flow on those things for me is ridiculous but there is a rumor that Babeland might be carrying something along the lines of a Peecock, if that's true... the combination of these two things would be quite a lifesaver for me.

*If you are not familiar with the Peecock it is a realistic looking STP that, instead of a med spoon and surgical tubing it is hallowed out in the shape of a funnel as to avoid that completely unnecessary back flow.

The trunks are a great way to feel secure while packing because of the design. Inserting your packer is really easy, all you do is insert it through the inside of the trunks, insert the shaft into the small hole (which is the initial safety hold for the packer), and wrap the small elastic band around the balls for even more of a secure hold (you will never lose your cock down your pant leg again!). You are able to expose the shaft if you would like to but my preference is to tuck it into the pouch and place it where I feel most comfortable having it. My other favorite part is the fact that I don't have to feel the packer on me. There is another piece of fabric in the back that lets me cover the back of the packer so I can avoid any sticky situations. My packer now fits in just the right, natural spot without having to somehow wear my underwear in a weird position like I used to have to.

My ladyfriend said they made my butt look good too.

They also come in 4 different styles so if your the briefs kinda guy then they got you covered. If you're the kind of person who prefers a jock strap, they got you covered as well. OR if you are one of those 'free-ballin' kinda people, I suggest the Comando.

as seen here:

I actually got the opportunity to test all 4 of these styles. Of course I ended up falling in love with the trunks since they are exactly like my already favorite underwear but they are all made of a very light weight spandex/polyester blend of material and completely machine washable. They can also be worn under swim trunks as they are safe for the ocean and swimming pools. These are all hand sewn by real people to ensure the quality of each product.

I actually plan on lube wrestling in them.

At Babeland they retail for:
Comando - $29 per pair or a pack of 3 for $80
Trunks - $39 and a pack of 3 for $109
Brief - $38 and a 3 pack for $105
Freestyle - $32 and a 3 pack for $88

The measurements are as follows:
# Small: 28"-30" waist
# Medium: 32"-34" waist
# Large: 36"-38" waist
# XL: 40"-42" waist
# XXL (special order only): 44"-46" waist
# XXXL (special order only): 48"-50" waist

They can be found in Babeland's new Gender Expressions category which, might I add, they now sell Underworks binders in both Double Panel Compression and Tri-Top. Talk about a one-stop shop. damn.