Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Peecock. Pee, pack and play.

So as promised I have started a review on the Peecock. I got (I believe to be) the 4 inch Tripple Features Peecock".

Now, to be completely honest, $129 for just the unit I was expecting so much more. Upon its arrival I found myself to be disappointed by the look of it simply because the length of the 'funnel' seemed to be quite short. This is due to the size of the testicles since the funnel needs the testicles for length. the funnel is actually shorter than that of the $12 Go Girl. Also, not sure if it was just me (or the fact that mine was a sample to be reviewed) but the way the silicone around the funnel was cut was a bit miss-shapen. I just would have expected a better quality for the price.
So this was my first impression.

The kit I got came with the Peecock as well as a velvety black bag to store it in. It also came with the Peecock Erection Rod System (which can be bought separately for $19) and the Peecock comfort harness (which can be purchased separately for $23, though it is currently on sale for $19).

When I pulled the harness out I went ahead and read the directions which say..

1. Wear the harness around your waist and adjust the waist band so that it rides on your hips.

2. Slide the Pee-Cock shaft through the cock ring. The Pee-Cock should hang naturally like a bio man flaccid penis at your groin position. The elastic band at the back should have a little allowance and not be stretched to the max. If the waist band is too large you can remove some of the elastic band by simply cutting the excess at either side of the sewing and then sew the cut end back to the cotton tape again.

3. Pull the elastic bands back through your legs and up to the waist elastic band, either in back or off toward the sides, wherever they feel most comfortable. You can sew them to the waist band by hand or machine."

I am pretty sure that most guys I know would get a little annoyed with the language of these instructions.

Basically this is the exact same harness that can be found on the Mango website though their price is way way higher. Basically this harness is super easy to adjust to your size. It only took a few hand stitches and it fit me pretty well. I am not usually one that likes to wear a harness under my under-roos but I wanted to make sure I tested this product as it was intended.

Please keep in mind that this harness is not intended for use during play. Nor will it work if you even try.

For packing it worked out like anyone of my other Soft packs especially since I did end up getting the smaller version of the Peecock. It was comfortable and I have no bad things to say about it.

So, I put it to the test as an STP. I wanted to be smart about it so I tried it the first time with my pants off in case of any dribble. I am kind of glad that I did. Since the silicone is pretty soft it is a bit tough to figure out where the back if the funnel is located or if it is bent. As suspected upon opening the box when I received it I quickly found out that since the testicles are pretty short, which makes the funnel pretty short, you really have to adjust the harness so the front sits almost under your mons pubis. This can only really be done while using the restroom since wearing the harness that low while simply packing is not very comfortable. The first time I used this it seemed that I was pretty much peeing backwards. Made me kind of wish I were standing in between two toilets. (ha.)
The next time I decided to use it was in the shower a bit after this incident. I did not wear the harness in the shower with me.
--I found out one of my buddies has this unit as well, his is bigger but the testicles and funnel are the same size unfortunately.--
I figured out two ways of efficiently using this STP so that it would not dribble. 1) reach your hand around to your back side and pull the back of the funnel. This is an extremely unethical way of using it while standing at a urinal fully clothed next to someone you are trying to be discreet next to. 2) If you position your index finger to the left side of the packys shaft and your middle finger to the right of it (assuming your fingers are long enough to understand where on your body this is) you'll want to push down just a bit to make sure the funnel is touching where you 'taint' would be at this point. Since my dominant hand is my right one I did this with my right hand while using my left to 'control' the situation. (yes fellas, this is a two handed job) I also noticed that I had to spread my legs a bit more far apart than most cisgendered guys I have seen use the restroom. In my opinion this is not noticed by other guys but more something I let myself be insecure about.
Please note that I realize everyones body is different as well as their individual anatomy. This method worked for me though you might find a method that works for you a bit better.

The next time I used it I dove right in taking it to my local watering hole, which is a place where I really have no choice but to stand to pee as there are no closed urinals except for the womens restroom. After practicing at home a few times I wasn't too worried about it.
After about 24oz of liquid later I rushed to the bathroom. I didn't have too many problems besides the back of my pants falling a bit too low trying to position the thing. It made me a bit insecure with the harness plainly visible so I went to the doorless stall. I had no issues with leakage but I did try my best to control any potential backflow. Since there is a funnel and not a small tube the backflow is minimal. I suggest that if you have an issue controlling your own flow, that you do not use this unit but probably sick with something like a P Style.

Since I really don't like extra fabric under all my clothing I decided to try it with one of my Pete Packers from Spareparts, specifically the trunks. I was worried about the hole in the trunks where the shaft goes through. I thought it might squeeze the shaft too much disrupting the flow but when I went to go test them I realized that wasn't an issue at all. The issue was the fact that the fabric that lays over the back of the packer needed to not be there. I am sure that if I went to go use it as an STP I could probably take some practice to perfect it but the few times I tried it was just a bit too difficult.
Luckily all four styles of the Pete packing underwear are made to were you can actually wear the back pouch tucked over. I personally wouldn't walk around like that only because I don't enjoy that feeling of silicone constantly on me. The possibility of the packy getting sticky is not something I look forward.

Did this really hold up as an affordable pack, pee and play device?

I will say this, It does what it says it will do....

The first issue is the harness. Seeing as I did not get the Comfort Play Harness by Peecock I had to come up with my own method of madness, so to speak. It didn't take too long as I just pulled out my Spareparts" harness. It definitely doesn't fit like any of my usual Vixskin cocks but it worked. The only issue was the length, lucky my partner doesn't have an issue with this. However, this harness does take a bit of length off the of the actual unit.
I slid a condom on as I do with every one of my toys. As expected it was loose but that wasn't the problem I ran into. The biggest issue I had with thing was the Peecock Erection Rod System. Since you have to cut the tip down to get it to fit your custom unit, mine was blunt at the end. I was hoping maybe the silicone from the toy wouldn't stretch enough to expose it but I was wrong. It has a great potential to scrape against the sensitive areas.
If I can get my hands on one, I will go ahead and try the play harness that Peecock Carries.
So what I meant by "It does what it says it will do" I meant that it can be used as a pack and play... as long as you don't make any sudden moves or vigorous thrusts.

I feel like this might be a great item if you are planning on having a spontaneous night out. (ha to that statement)

Honestly, there are many reasons why I would say that the Peecock isn't worth the price and then many reasons why I would say that it was completely worth the price. There are so many prosthetics out there worth thousands of dollars that generally do the exact same thing but slightly more detailed... slightly more precise. I think the idea is great but will unfortunately never be what I would necessarily like it to be.. but I am speaking for me and no one else.

I would like to mention, I reviewed this for about a week so I can't give you long term details. I will do my best to update when I can.

Monday, May 23, 2011

lifesaving packing underwear

Wow, I didn't think I'd actually have a reason to post another packing product before some kind of toy but I had the honor and the pleasure of working with the owner of Spareparts in attempts to help come up with a great new packing product. When I found out they were looking to create something outside of their signature harness I got nothing less than excited.
I now introduce to you, the Pete Packer trunk underwear and let me tell you, this far surpasses ANY packing harness or underwear that I have ever purchased or even made myself.

They happen to fit exactly the way my favorite underwear fit. I usually wear the boxer briefs from H&M because they are snug and almost feel like I am not wearing anything.

Here is what Babeland has to say about them.
"Your search for the perfect packing underwear has ended: meet the Pete Packer UnderWear Trunks! SpareParts, one of our favorite harness companies, has created a comfortable, full-coverage, boxer-brief style of underwear (also available in commando, freestyle, and briefs styles), designed for use with most sizes and brands of soft packs and STP (stand to pee) packers. The pouch and internal supporting elastic band ensure that your packer will be secure in restrooms, and won't dislodge when you put on or take off your briefs. The Trunks style allows you to expose the shaft, or hide it in the fabric pouch; the machine-washable, lightweight polyester/Spandex material creates a seamless look under clothing. Perfect for transgender and transsexual men, and for anyone looking to feel comfortable and secure in their packing adventures. Discount when purchasing a three-pack. Available in S-XL; call customer service to special order XXL or XXXL"

After trying the finished product myself I suddenly realized what I had been missing out on. I finally felt more than comfortable packing. I haven't packed in a while because I always felt like it just looked so fake, regardless of the style of packer I was using, but these trunks with my trustie mini soft pack is amazingly comfortable. Best part is, these underwear are COMPLETELY compatible with an STP device. Getting into that, I usually don't use and STP like the Mango STP only because the back flow on those things for me is ridiculous but there is a rumor that Babeland might be carrying something along the lines of a Peecock, if that's true... the combination of these two things would be quite a lifesaver for me.

*If you are not familiar with the Peecock it is a realistic looking STP that, instead of a med spoon and surgical tubing it is hallowed out in the shape of a funnel as to avoid that completely unnecessary back flow.

The trunks are a great way to feel secure while packing because of the design. Inserting your packer is really easy, all you do is insert it through the inside of the trunks, insert the shaft into the small hole (which is the initial safety hold for the packer), and wrap the small elastic band around the balls for even more of a secure hold (you will never lose your cock down your pant leg again!). You are able to expose the shaft if you would like to but my preference is to tuck it into the pouch and place it where I feel most comfortable having it. My other favorite part is the fact that I don't have to feel the packer on me. There is another piece of fabric in the back that lets me cover the back of the packer so I can avoid any sticky situations. My packer now fits in just the right, natural spot without having to somehow wear my underwear in a weird position like I used to have to.

My ladyfriend said they made my butt look good too.

They also come in 4 different styles so if your the briefs kinda guy then they got you covered. If you're the kind of person who prefers a jock strap, they got you covered as well. OR if you are one of those 'free-ballin' kinda people, I suggest the Comando.

as seen here:

I actually got the opportunity to test all 4 of these styles. Of course I ended up falling in love with the trunks since they are exactly like my already favorite underwear but they are all made of a very light weight spandex/polyester blend of material and completely machine washable. They can also be worn under swim trunks as they are safe for the ocean and swimming pools. These are all hand sewn by real people to ensure the quality of each product.

I actually plan on lube wrestling in them.

At Babeland they retail for:
Comando - $29 per pair or a pack of 3 for $80
Trunks - $39 and a pack of 3 for $109
Brief - $38 and a 3 pack for $105
Freestyle - $32 and a 3 pack for $88

The measurements are as follows:
# Small: 28"-30" waist
# Medium: 32"-34" waist
# Large: 36"-38" waist
# XL: 40"-42" waist
# XXL (special order only): 44"-46" waist
# XXXL (special order only): 48"-50" waist

They can be found in Babeland's new Gender Expressions category which, might I add, they now sell Underworks binders in both Double Panel Compression and Tri-Top. Talk about a one-stop shop. damn.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

a new way to pack

Hey there folks. It's been a while, I know.

I have come to introduce this new packing pouch from Babeland. It is called the Deluxe packing pouch.

This is by far the BEST packing pouch I have EVER used. but first.. Babeland's little blurb about the product.

"You asked for it, so we looked and looked until we found a versatile, high-quality packing pouch: the Deluxe Packing Pouch! Combine this with any of our Soft Packs, attach the velcro piece to the inside of your underwear waistband, and you're good to go. Anyone who enjoys a little extra bulge in their pants will appreciate the ease of use, sturdiness, and hand-washability of the Deluxe Packing Pouch."
Well, the description pretty much explains it but in my own words this is pretty much the one I default to when I am going out and don't need to worry about my dick sliding around or rolling out of my pants when I walk around. It does not have any straps at all which is a huge reason why I love it. It has a small piece of velcro which easily attaches to any brief, boxer or boxer briefs. So those of you who go commando, I don't exactly recommend this. I have tried so many damn packing pouches that I eventually gave up on them because I am really picky and the waist band either bothered me like you wouldn't believe or the thigh straps decided to bunch in the most awkward places. I am an average size human being, not overweight and not super skinny so I never understood why these things never fit me right.
Anyway, the fact that this fits right into the waistband of my underwear makes me feel so much more secure that some sort of extra strap isn't showing that I am not aware of and the way it is designed keeps the packer material off my skin so I don't feel that sweaty sticky feeling between my legs and as you can see it is designed to have the shaft of your soft pack to poke out of the hole which aids in the security of keeping it where it needs to stay put. I never have to worry about this thing falling down my pant leg when I am talking to someone cute or having to shift it to the left because it *keeps* sliding to the right with the way I walk.
The back of the pouch is solid though I have had an idea as to how I can change it into an STP harness. Making a small hole in the back to fit the tube and spoon in will work pretty nicely but I can't exactly speak as though it will since I haven't tried yet. I don't usually carry an STP with me because I never really worry about my bathroom situation (though sometimes I probably should).
I specifically like this pouch because when I do need to 'go' it stays attached to my underwear so I don't have to worry about trying to move it in some awkward way when I am already awkwardly hovering over the toilet. It doesn't hang too low or too high on me and actually looks more natural than other harnesses or pouches I have used.
moving on..
It's hand washable though I threw mine in the machine wash which seemed to not harm it in any way. (but I don't recommend a dryer)
The small opening for the shaft stretches a bit for those of you who enjoy sporting those larger packers.

For $18 the Deluxe packing pouch is quite a steal. Get it at Babeland.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Sqweel


Babeland says...
We all know that one tongue is good, but with the help of the Sqweel, you'll soon learn that ten tongues are even better. Each soft, velvety, sensuous pink tongue on the rotating wheel simulates oral sex perfectly by flicking gently across your clit. Luckily, the Sqweel won't give you any excuses — no tired jaw, no early meeting the next morning — so it'll keep going as long as you need. Consider inviting the Sqweel into your couple’s routine: use it during oral sex to vary the sensations with a real tongue, or hold it against your clit during penetration to relish the feeling of oral sex while fucking. Or experiment with the Sqweel's tongues lapping against your nipples, anus, perineum, balls, or the head of your penis...use your imagination, and the Sqweel will follow.

So Babeland sent me a Sqweel for review. I really am a curious cat and wanted to know why it was flying off the shelves right when it came into the store.. I mean, it's honestly not the most attractive toy on the market, which I am sure you've noticed. This pretty much sums up the term "novelty toy". Anyway, I put the batteries in and watched the tongues take off.. it has three speeds and it's a bit noisy.
I really found myself having to concentrate to get passed the novelty factor in order to use it and not just keep laughing.
It states in the above information that it "stimulates oral sex perfectly by flicking gently across your clit". I am not sure who decided what was "gentle", and yeah, yeah I know I am pretty sensitive downstairs but it definitely made me feel like I was getting smacked over and over... and over again. Might be the toy for you if that's what you're into. It wasn't exactly a painful experience as much as just completely uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I lubed it up quite nicely with some slick water based lubricant so it shouldn't have felt so bad, but it did. It was disappointing. Keep in mind this could just not be working for me because I've had quite a bit of growth since I started hormones a bit over 2 years ago.

Now, I did happen to find a good use for the toy. Analingus. That's right, I said it. If you like getting your ass licked, this would be the toy for you. For me, it kinda tickled but I have heard from others that they like this toy more for analingus as well.

More info on the Sqweel
* Size: 4-1/2" x 4-1/4"
* Material: Silicone and ABS hard plastic
* Volume: 3 out of 5
* Intensity: 3 out of 5
* Batteries: Three AAA (not included)

You can clean the silicone tongues by opening the side of the device and sliding out the wheel of tongues. Wash them with warm water and mild soap.

Go Girl -- STP device

Go Girl

Don't let the name throw you off.

Babeland Let me review the Go Girl and this is what it says on the product page:
If you've always wanted to pee standing up but your anatomy prevents it, the Go Girl is the STP (Stand to Pee) device for you. Soft, flexible silicone cups you comfortably, allowing you to pee freely and direct the stream where you want it to go. Of course, the silicone also makes for easy cleanup — just rinse/wipe it off, then boil it for disinfection later. And the pliable material allows you to fold/scrunch it up and stuff it in a bag or pocket for later. Great for gender transition, camping, public bathrooms, writing your name in the snow...

As you all know, it can be quite a pain in the ass when you're out in public and the only men's restroom there is has a trough and a stall with no door. I can't even tell you how many times I have had to hold it because there was absolutely no where to squat. Especially when you've had a little too much to drink at the bar...
Ive tried many different STP devices and have been pretty disappointed with just about every one of them. If I didn't get the medicine spoon to fit in just the right spot I ended up peeing all over myself. If the funnel thing had a tiny hole at the end and I had a full bladder the back flow would end up splashing back at me. If the device did work then I just had no where to store it since I don't carry a bag with me and I'm not about to start carrying one just for the thing I pee into. I've tried the Pstyle and enjoyed it, other than the fact that its made of hard plastic and measures as so: 7-1/2” x 1-1/2” x 3/4". There was no where for me to put it without having it stick out of my pocket and I don't find that too be too cute. Though the name wouldn't be my first choice, the Go Girl is pretty damn awesome. Luckily Babeland sells 2 colors so I can toss the original pink one I've gotten (I am not much a fan of pink). This is the only STP device I have been able to use with absolutely no problems. Its made of a very soft silicone and can be folded into a little ball, back into its little plastic tube or perfectly fit flatly into your back pocket. I haven't had a problem with back flow or with being discreet about pulling it out at a urinal. Unfolded it measures out to 6-1/2" x 5". It can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap or disinfected by boiling for 5 minutes tops.
I highly recommend this product to any gut that wants to stand and pee and it worried about all this things that comes with it.
Pick up your Go Girl at Babeland for cheap!


I apologize, its been a while...


Babeland says...
Shake your booty all night long with the beginner-friendly Bootie anal plug. Insertion is easy thanks to the firm, tapered tip; and once in place, the pliable neck, tapered base and soft silicone make wearing the Bootie all pleasure. The curved base helps ‘rock’ the Bootie for gentle prostate stimulation, and squeezing the resilient shaft with anal muscles amps up the sensation. It's bootie-licious! Brought to you by Fun Factory.

First of all this is a really nice little plug. I've never been one to explore butt sex before the hormones. Maybe once or twice for experimental purposes but even since the hormones kicked in it seems that its something I often think about. So when Babeland gave me the option of reviewing this little guy, I jumped on it. I've always been a big fan of Fun Factory products. I enjoy the feel of their silicone and they make my absolute favorite toy, the Share.
This plug, I will say, is great for beginners. The silicone is soft and flexible and not intimidating at all. It's fairly small measuring at 2-1/2” x 1” and retails for $32. Not bad in my opinion, especially since Babeland is running a hidden egg promo right now where if you find different hidden eggs on the site, they get you coupon codes and discounts.
They also sell a Bootie plug & Sliquid Booty combo which is great because anytime you want to experiment with butt play you want to make sure you're all nice and lubed up. Just remember that with any type of silicone toys, you do not want to use a silicone based lubricant. It will cause a chemical reaction and break down the silicone in your toy, ruining it.

It took a minute to work up the courage to stick something in my butt for the first time but I managed to stay relaxed (which is always good because the more relaxed you are, the less tense your butt is). It was interesting to say the least but oh so nice. It stayed put quite nicely as I used it while wearing my Spareparts while in a standing position. ...and then in every other position I happened to get myself into at the time. Anyway, this toy was quite a pleasant experience for me. I almost want to say it will be waiting on my end table for me since it could potentially be something I'd want to use on a constant basis.. but I've gotta keep things exciting and in rotation.

For more info on learning how to play with your butt go to Butt Sex for Beginners

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Flavored Lube

I must say I was more than skeptical when Babeland came out with a flavored lube, I was thinking to myself: oh shit they went to the dark side.. what now, another sugar coated plastic tasting super gluey tacky lube? Ew.
But.. I had to try it. Because I am one curious Cat. They had four flavors to choose from so this was the first choice I had to make.


Dulce De Leche: "well, I dont think I could handle a lube with such a fancy flavor, I will put this one on hold"
Mojito Peppermint: "I dont like Mojito's, or much mint in general so, not for me".. seriously I even use cinnamon toothpaste..
Chocolate Orange: "I have never understood why some people like chocolate and oranges together.."
Pomegranate Vanilla: "seriously? WIN!"

Holy crap it smells amazing.. i just wanted to squirt it down my throat but alas, I am a civilized human being, right?

I couldn't even wait for a time when my partner and I were in the mood to try this stuff. So here was the first test.. I opened it up, The amazing smell was emanating to my nose faster than my nose could hit the bottle and my mouth started to water.. I felt like I could already taste it, But lets save the best for last. The touch test was as expected. It being a water based lube I figured the slip wouldn't last too long. (we all know silicone lube seems to last forever sometimes, though it gets a bit gooey) I had squirt a couple drops between my thumb and forefinger, wasn't tacky or sticky... at least not for a couple minutes. Mind you I used 2 drops and vigorously moved my fingers together for this little test. So after 2 minutes it was no more. I sprayed my fingers with a spurt of water and another minute passed.. so good, you can get down and dirty and spit to reactivate, if that's what you're into.
Ok, taste test...

(drum roll please)

I put another drop on my finger.. gave it a whiff and I am all over the smell... its almost as if I am going to explode if I don't stick it into my mouth.. so I do..


it doesn't really taste like anything. Really.. but It does make it seem like my fingers are naturally sweet. It dawns on me. Babeland is either missing a key ingredient or they are super geniuses. I remember watching this show a few years back where this guy was biting into an onion and there was an apple scent to his nose.. and he said he thought he was eating an apple with an odd texture..

Is that what you're trying to do to me Babeland? Trick me with your brilliance? Either way, I like the stuff.. and I actually wouldn't mind trying the other flavors now... who knows maybe I am just feeling adventurous?

Also, I haven't gotten a chance to use it with my sweetie.. But when I do you'll be the first to know what I think.

Get this (Babelicious) and more amazing stuff at Babeland